Worlds Cutest Cats #1

Who wants to snuggle this adorable wee guy?

Worlds best pillow.


Don’t Drink and Drive Dog

Drink driving isn’t worth it.



Time Travelling Pets

That cat got big,

That dog got big.

4 years later.

Before and after war.

Who shrunk my favourite toy?


Tiny cat praises inadequate laptop fan for providing warm cuteness

Apple make best cat warmer.

How To Trap a Cat #1

I trapped you Cat.


Cutest Cat and Dog Pictures #3

Best Friends Forever.


Smile Cat and Dog!



寝る猫と遊びたい猫 The cat which sleeps


You will never know fashions like I do human

lolcat Bear

Cat and Dog win Nobel Prize for ending species war

Barack Obama takes notes.


And snuggles

From Drs Fido and Wuggles.


New sausage pizza is New York’s New Top Seller

Pizza with a fresh taste.


Give me bacon human

This is where I sit while Humans make me bacon.

The Age old Tradition of Putting a Hat on a Camel

Through a series of experiments dating back hundreds of years, scientists assert that there is something inherently funny about a camel in a hat.

Experiment #273

Experiment #6203487215



Many boxes and Maru

Cats love boxes and adorable Maru is no exception!


Grumpy Cat set to win Oscar for harrowing portrayal of film actor Ray Winston.

And we agree.

Ray Winston Lolcat set to win Oscar.


Taking the cat for a walk

Don’t think you can restrain me human.

Cat Declares self Queen of France

Queen of lolcats


Cabin Cat

Cabin Cat enjoys fishing, wool and being cosy.  A snuggley cat cosplay, just don’t expect the jumper to last long!

Cosy Kitty!


Clever doggy!



Cats are winners.  They can jump any height and catch any prey, especially your toes.  But what happens when our favourite lol cats epic fail?  These very cool and funny video and photos show that when cats fail – they epic fail!



Cats are usually epic hunters but this hunter cat is an epic fail!

Lol Cat mouse house



Cats are normally expert omers and nomers but this poor sick kitty isn’t having any luck.

Fail at food



Or at least try to!

No kitty – thats not for noming!



A fat cat is a happy cat.  This furball demonstrates the lol cat guide to exercise.

Lazy cats!



The laws of physics don’t always apply to cats but this big little kitty has forgotten its no longer a kitten.  Get out of there kitty!  You’re too big!!

You’re not a kitten anymore cat!


If these remind you of your cat or there’s any epic lol cat fails we forgot to mention then please subscribe, share and drop us a comment in the box below.  Have fun with your cats!



Grumpy Cat Cosplay

We love cat cosplay and this one is really funny.  Who needs to look cute when you can look grumpy?

Grumpy lolcat cosplay



We love funny and cool lol cat cosplays.  This bat cat cosplay looks right out of a Batman comic!

Our hero Batcat.

Our favourite new superhero Batcat watches from the rooftops, in the dark still of night.  Watching, waiting, protecting your garden from all intruders.  Especially other cats!


Tiny Dog trains to take on Tom Daley in Olympic dive

Jump dog jump


Top 5 Reasons to Love Black Cats

Black cats are often associated with bad luck, witches and the occult which we think is rather unfair.    Here are our top 10 reasons to love black cats.

1.   The Fluffy Factor

Cats.   We love them.   They are fluffy.  Black cats can have long or short hair but the dark shades can make them look fluffier than regular cats as more of their fur is visible, especially on a light background.

Ball of black fluff!


2.   Luck

Black cats aren’t unlucky.  In fact owning a black cat will bring you more luck and joy than you can imagine.

Good luck cats.


3.   Identical Twins

Black cats can be indistinguishable to their brothers and sisters to anyone except the most loving owner.

Identical twins.


4.   Eyes

Black cats can have yellow, green or bright blue eyes and they are almost always watching you!

Bright blue eyes


5.   They Om

And nom.  Usually on you.  Small birds, insects and fish better watch out too!  You won’t have to put up with rats again if you have a crafty hunter living with you.


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