Humanity’s IT addiction has hit an all time high.  We are constantly online, through our phones and computers, checking for news and messages.  We absorb huge amounts of information from people and events all over the world every day.  IT giants like Google and Wikipedia have some how collected the worlds knowledge and put it in a tidy little box for us, just a few clicks away.

Where will our information addiction end?  And what would we do if the internet suddenly shut down tomorrow?  Find out the answers to these questions and more in Stark Visions latest free comic Tax and Scratch.  Featuring stunning art work by cyber-legend Garry Mac and heaps of dark comedy.

Coming soon to a device near you.

003      004

002-2 001-1


Copyright Pirates sailing the internet seas.

Coming soon.   Art by Beatrice Dreams.

08-02-2014 22;58;46  05 Smokemerge copy   03 TheRogue 2 copy

The Wall

THE WALL STATUE   403006_10150529827025819_502065818_9253822_249919247_n   re studentselemental girl Wall blank   05 Smokemerge copy


The Doobie Kings


DK_02_zps9139bbf0 smaller   DK_01_zpsf036ec35 smaller   DK_03_zpsc9080337 smaller


Subversive Poetry


FINISHEDNEWGADGET1_zpsc13e6ed7   1968_zpsd6d52f42   MP-ICIDE


no one like you eric   THAT CITY NOISE 1CITYNOISE2_zps1b992d8c

1968_zpsd6d52f42   THE WALL STATUE   08-02-2014 22;58;46

MEDIAFULLSPREAD_zps7dad9200   Media3_zps27c27af9

MP-ICIDE   THE WALL POLITICS   03 TheRogue 2 copy


FINISHEDNEWGADGET1_zpsc13e6ed7   ANTHEMFORANEWDOOMEDYOUTH_zps69fd5ec6   403006_10150529827025819_502065818_9253822_249919247_n

DK_02_zps9139bbf0 smaller   DK_01_zpsf036ec35 smaller   DK_03_zpsc9080337 smaller

elemental girl   08-02-2014 23;01;04

Stoner girl bw   03




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