Kanye West’s new haircut resembles orginal Pokemon Team Rocket warp tile

Getting lost in Kanye’s hair.


Nintendo celebrate 125th Birthday

Yes you read that right. Nintendo celebrated their 125th Birthday – they originally made playing cards!

Nintendo’s logo then.

Nintendo’s logo now.


Police raid gamer’s office while he was live-streaming

Swat teams swarm a gamer while he live-streams.  This comes as part of a stream of hoaxes involving the armed response unit and live-streamed online gaming.

Grim Fandango Remastered Version Revealed for PS4 and PS Vita

RPG classic Grim Fandango returns.

Disney are helping Lucas Arts to remaster classic 90’s RPG Grim Fandango.  If you have never played this game before then it is considered one of the best ‘point and click’ games available.  It boasts a colourful cast of undead and follows a bottom rung grim reaper who is trying to make a decent buck ferrying folks to hell.  A highly original concept and a script full of laughs from RPG legend Tim Schafer.  A very exciting prospects for both fans of the original series and RPG fans who haven’t had a chance to play Grim Fandango yet.  Hopefully this will be the start of a full Lucas Arts re release, now that we would love to see.




We love funny and cool lol cat cosplays.  This bat cat cosplay looks right out of a Batman comic!

Our hero Batcat.

Our favourite new superhero Batcat watches from the rooftops, in the dark still of night.  Watching, waiting, protecting your garden from all intruders.  Especially other cats!




We gained access to the Dr. Who Society, a social fan group for Dr Who fans to meet up. This type of social group are often referred to as Whovians. The origins of the term ‘Whoians’ is unknown but we assume that it is derived from the Drs second name ‘Who’ with the addition of the suffix ‘vians’, a derivative of ‘victorians’.


Dr Who – The Messiah

They were located by our research team as a group of around 15 in a middle of the road chain pub. Historically the pub is well known for its cheap food and drink. Some Whovians were eating.


The new Dr

Some had tokens pertaining to their lord Dr Who. Some had T-Shirts, this may be a sign of dominance amongst the group. One had a handmade doll of the Dr. Our researches were unsure if this doll pertained to a Whovian voodoo superstition. We are still unsure of the dolls exact purpose but we think it may be a white voodoo charm, aimed at bringing their lord Dr Who protection wherever he may be.


The previous chosen Ones

Dr. Who featured high on the social agenda, and was spoken very highly of. After some debate as to who made the best Dr. Who and on what principles, it was decided that the new Dr. Who was a suitable candidate to lead them next term. Although, the vote was fairly unanimous amongst the Whovians some still felt that they missed the ‘One True’ Dr. Who’s leadership of yonder year.


Social Group Experiment (SGE 2014).


‘The Star Wars That I Used To Know’ – Gotye ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’ Parody



Final Fantasy XV in controversy over too many men

Many men, a couple girls and that guy from Assassins Creed.

Square Enix’s Japanese video game franchise Final Fantasy is one of the most popular JRPG series and bares an army of die hard fans.  This series approaches the release of game number 15, a mark of its long standing popularity.   The Final Fantasy series are well known for their addictive game play, awe inspiring concept art, cutting edge graphics, involving story lines and memorable characters.  However, controversy has already started on the newest title for its male dominated cast.

The latest Final Fantasy men.

The Final Fantasy game series has already had a female dominated game in X-II and a mix of sexes in their other games.  Some fans are asking if there will be any playable female characters, while others ask if this will be the first Yaoi/gay game in the series.  Either way, we think the characters and concept art look stunning and hope that Final Fantasy XV fixes a lot of the mistakes made in the all too linear Final Fantasy XIII.

How to Make a Final Fantasy Game

1.  Memorable Characters

The Final Fantasy game series has featured many beloved characters over the years.  The main characters are often brightly coloured, stylish, sexy and memorable, the villains often deeply brooding and sinister and the monsters are usually powerful and exciting.

A colourful mix of characters.

This may be down to some of the stylish, yet tender, original character designs by legendary Japanese manga artist Yoshitaka Amano, famous for his beautiful water colour work on 1980’s manga classic Vampire Hunter D.

Amano’s original character art inspire dream like visions.

Final Fantasy has always challenged gender stereotypes with ass kicking women and metro-sexual men.  However, the newest game has been facing controversy from some older fans of the series who feel the new characters are aimed at the latest wave of young teen fashion.

Essence of Emo.

Memorable hair and fashion have always been an important part of the Final Fantasy series. Final Fantasy has a strong cosplay following and fans of the series will face a challenge recreating these new looks.  No epic fail cosplay Cloud wigs please!

With added hair straighteners and wax.

2.  Epic Back Drops

The Final Fantasy series features some amazing scenes that cross fantasy, science fiction and traditional Japanese landscapes into breath taking and awe inspiring back drops.  There is something heroic about the epic scales and stretching horizons which significantly adds to the immersion of the Final Fantasy series.

Add a conceptual dollop of epic back drop.

Beautiful new locations

4.  Stunning Graphics

Square Enix have led the way for video games with cutting edge life-like graphics.

Final Fantasy XV TGS 2014 Trailer


5.  Addictive Gameplay

With an average 80 hours of gameplay, the Final Fantasy series appeals with its open worlds, story based drive and so-addictive-it-should-come-with-a-warning gameplay.


Is this an attempt to appeal to a growing market of female gamers?  Or are Square Enix hoping to sell scantily clad woman as downloadable content to cash in on fans disappointed at an all male cast?  Will Final Fantasy XV still have a strong romantic plot or be more of a buddy game?  If you have played Final Fantasy, are a fan of the series or have any comments on this latest addition to the series then please let us know in the box below.


Updated PokéRap (With All 718 Pokemon)

I remember doing the original Pokerap from start to finish and being very smug about it.   This updated Pokerap puts that achievement to shame and then some.  Funny stuff for hardcore pokemon fans.   Is there anyone who can name them all?  Drop us a comment and let us know if you can or if you think there are just too many pokemon!

Attack on Titan – A Couples Cosplay



1.   Make Up

This is a great couples cosplay and a very cheap build.   Bright contact lenses, correct hair and a giant amount of make up are key.

Titan fun – A great couples cosplay

Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and take the make up effects fierce and bold.  Dark make up down the sides of the nose, cheeks and around the lips help hollow the face and give a gaunt look.  Bright eye catching reds work well around the eyes and highlight the bright contact lenses.

Bold titan make up works best.

2.   Male Titans

A slim muscular body is important for the male titan.

A great cosplay for the slim muscular male.

Add a dark red or brown make up along the contours of your muscles to bring out the definition.

Make up can help contour muscles.


3.   Female Titans

A super cute titan lycra body suit is the easiest way to get those grotesque muscles on show for the female titan.  This is simple red for the muscles and white for the sinew and bone and works very well for an easy build.

Cute Titan lycra body suit.

This is a more detailed body suit for you to try with a lovely bold six pack and breasts.   Feather the muscles as they turn into sinew along the legs adds a new level of strength and slims the torso.

Feather the muscles into the sinew. for strong muscular legs.


4.   Ears

Thin pointed prosthetic ears sticking out from either side is a very cute look for a Titan cosplay.

Titans have large pointed ears.



5.   Hair

Every good cosplayer knows that it isn’t just the costume that matters – it is important to get the hair right too.  The Attack on Titan hair is quite simple with a choppy fringey bob in dark for the male and blonde for the female.

Dark fringey hair.

If you have the hair for it a pair of straighteners and some gloss can give a really nice look.

Straighteners can help shape the blonde bob.

6.   Your kids can cosplay too!

Cosplay for kids!

If you have any tips or advice to add then please comment as we would love to hear from you.  Thanks for reading and good luck cosplaying Attack on Titan with your special someone!

Peace Out!


Film – Release Dates 2014 

September 2014

October 2014

November 2014

December 2014


Super Mario Bros Theme Song Acapella Multitrack

Try recreating this with your friends either online or in real life for some acapella Nintendo fun.


Christopher Lee sings “Name Your Poison”

Christopher Lee of Dracula, Wickerman and Lord of the Rings fame sings about getting drunk.  A very funny, cool and entirely embarrassing must see cult clip for fans of film and TV.


Pokémon Theme Song

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